Rules Of Conduct

Every club and most individuals have a standard of conduct. The one universal rule is


Here is a basic list of rules, although it should not be considered complete, but a starter.

1. NO means NO !!!! Always!!!!!!

2. Safe sex is the only sex!

3. This is about having fun, nothing more.

4. Swinging can enhance a strong, honest, healthy relationship. It will not salvage a shaky marriage, but destroy it.

5. Your primary concern, and the person you leave with is your primary partner.

6. Build friendships. You don't have to play with someone for them to be your friend. And having lifestyle friends can be a great support system.

7. There is nothing less attractive than a drunk, or spaced-out couple.

8. Take it slow. Its not a race, but a journey.

9. Go with the flow. If things don't seem to be working out one evening, don't force it. After all, if you don't enjoy their company, do you really want to have sex with them anyway?

10. Be honest. If you meet a couple and it doesn't click, say something. We are all adults and can handle the truth. If they can't, you are better off finding out early anyway.

11. Be respectful. Pushy people are the biggest turnoff.

12. Talk to your partner about every possible scenario. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in it. (Example - you are not having fun, while your spouse is having a great time. What would like the other to do - stop, leave the room and allow the others to continue, etc.).

13. Be respectful of others privacy. The guys at work might think you are studly because you swing, but pointing out another swinging couple to them is wrong.

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