Answers to the questions for those who have never attended SSC Dances

These are basic questions, contact the owners for specific questions.

How do we get invited?

      To get invited you MUST call and speak to the club owners at 315-288-0630

Can one member of the couple call?

       Both the male and the female of a couple must both speak to the club owners.

Can a single female attend the dances?

      Yes single females are welcome to attend dances.

Can a single male attend the dances?

     We do not allow single males to attend the dances.

How can I find out where the dances are held?

     The owners of the club will give you directions to the dance when you call.

Can club members sponsor a single male so he can attend a dance?

     We do not allow single males to attend any club dances.

Do I have to join the club to get invited to a dance?

     You can attend A few dances before having to join the club.

How much does it cost to join the club?

      The club has several different memberships at different costs

How much does it cost to attend the dances?

      Non Members pay slightly more than members, the owners will tell you the cost.

Does the club accept Credit Cards?

    Yes the club accepts credit cards and the billing name does not say swing club.

Do I need to have or show ID?     

     Yes you will need an ID.  Only over 21 is allowed at the dances.

What happens when  we get to the dance?

   The first time you come to a dance you will be required to attend a short briefing.

What do they say at the briefing?

     The topics covered are guidelines for attendance.

What are some of these topics?

     Safe Sex, Drinking and Swinging, Rejection, jealousy,  proper behavior.

What can I expect when arriving at a dance?

    The SSC is an off premise club, Dances are like going to a nightclub with benefits with NO single guys hitting on you.

Is there pressure to have sex with anyone?

   The SSC is a NO Pressure club, If you don't want to do anything it's fine.

We are newbies can we just watch?

    There is no pressure to do anything, watch if you want, it's ok

Is nudity allowed at the dances?

    New York State Law gives  women the right to go topless.

What about the guys?  Is nudity allowed for the guys?

    Men must be covered at all times!  They can't  let anything hang out.

What does 'NO MEANS NO" actually mean?

     If anyone says "NO" to any question or offer you ask , that is the final answer.

What if someone doesn't take "NO" for the answer, what should We do?

     Go directly to the owners or one of the host couples and tell them.

What happens to the person who won't take NO for the answer.

    The owners will speak to them and they could be asked to leave and not return.

Can we expect to see people having sex at a dance?

   The SSC is an off premise and sex in the dance area is prohibited.

What happens in the hotel rooms?

   We don't know and don't want to know, what happens is your business.

Can I bring my camera to a dance?

     Swinging is a private lifestyle and cameras are prohibited.

What about my cell phone that has a camera?

     We suggest you do not bring it, but if you do please do not take any pictures.

What if someone takes our picture without our approval?

     We have not had that problem but if it happens contact the owners.

Drinks help to take the edge off what are the drinking policies?

     A few drinks helps to relax people, but no one wants to swing with a drunk!

Can we bring our own booze to the dance?

The hotel sets up a private bar in the dance room no outside alcohol is allowed in the dance room

How are the prices at the Bar in the dance area?

    We feel the prices are lower than a bar with a DJ.

Does the hotel have a bar?

    Yes the hotel has a bar but we hope you use the bar in the dance room.

When we leave the dance room what do we need to do?

   When you go to the rest room or leave the dance room you must cover up.

Does the hotel staff know we are having a swing club dance at the hotel?

   We have been at this hotel for a long time and The hotel staff are wonderful people.

Should we tip the hotel staff?

     If you receive good service you should Tip the hotel staff.

Do I have to dress the theme?

     The people who dress the theme are usually the ones having the most fun.

What is considered proper dress?

     We don't set rules for dress, dress to impress, ladies the sexier the better.

Can I wear my blue jeans?

    No one will send you home if you wear jeans, but Dockers look nicer.

Ladies who want to dress sexy but can't find the type clothes they want.

     The SSC has a store that sells exactly what you want, ask the host couple.

If we have failed to answer your question please contact the host couple at

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